Sunday, August 17, 2008

"If you dream as big as you can dream anything is possible." - Micahel Phelps

I just watched the last swimming event in Beijing Olympics. I'm sure a lot of people followed that too. Michael Phelps just broken the record with his 8th gold in a single Olympic Games.

To be frank, I was not 100% sure he can do it at the start of the Games. The feat seems so diffcult to archieve. But as each event went by, my confidence in him was growing. By the time he came from behind to finish 0.01s ahead of Cavic in the 100m butterfly, I am already convinced he will achieve what he dreamt of ahead of the Games.

So many people thought that Mark Spitz's record of 7 golds in a single Olympic Games will be impossible to beat. That's the paradigm that we were believed. But Michael Phelps believes otherwise. He dreams big, he has his own paradigm, he has great courage and belief, and now he is a legend, a new paradigm for us all. I'm sure after Michael's feat, a lot of young swimmers will be inspired to dream big or believe their once-impossible dream.

14 gold medals in 2 Games, is that the limit? I'm sure most of us will be convinced it will never be matched or beaten. Then, a new young man or woman will arrive and prove us wrong, again.

As Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei prepares to win Malaysia's first ever gold in the Olympics Games, I hope he will step on the court with big dream. Everyone in Malaysia is dreaming of the first gold. Give all your best, all. Leave nothing on the court. No regret. Dream big and do great.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Prologue to a new start

This is my first blog posting in more than one year. I was blogging in before. In July 2007, I lost it suddenly. My purpose for blogging was gone. It took me some time to get it back, a long time actually. Now I'm back. A new start is here.

In this blog, I will write about myself and my family, my friends and anything interesting around me. I've promised myself to write without judgement, just presenting the fact as it is, and share some interesting stories around me.

I hope you will enjoy them.