Sunday, April 08, 2012

My First Trail Run in Penang

This is a very late posting on my first experience on trail running in Penang.

The map of our trail run.

Elevation chart of the run.

On second day of Chinese New Year 2012, I had an absolutely fabulous first trail run with runner friends from Penang. We ran from Air Hitam Market to Kek Lok Si to 1200 steps Temple to Iron Cross, to Westen Hill then to Penang Hill. Finally we took the vernacular train down from Penang Hill back to Air Hitam.

Group photo before start of run near Air Hitam Asia Cafe. From left: Eric, Eu Jin, Chun How, Shannon, me, Jones Chua, Seow Kong, Andrew, Chee Kong. (Photo credit: Alex)

Running towards Kek Lok Si from Asia Cafe.

Nice shot by Alex.

Pit stop at the 1200 steps Temple. We had to asked nicely to gain access to the temple (before its official opening time of 7:00am) which was the entry to a trail. (photo credit: Andrew)

Alex had to carry his bike on most part of the route, including these steps after the temple (we took turn to help). Notice behind him was Chua who did the run barefooted. (photo credit: Alex)

A photo in the jungle trail. Seow Kong was in his new innov-8 (silicon shoes), while I was in Merrell Sonic Gloves. (photo credit: Andrew)

Everyone was checking for.... (photo credit: Andrew)

...the blood sucker. (photo credit: Andrew)

I think this was taken at Iron Cross. (photo credit: Chee Kong)

About 5km from Penang Hill. (photo credit: Andrew)

A trail passing some farmland. (photo credit: Chee Kong)

Out of the trail and on tar road for the last km running towards the Penang Hill tourist centre. (photo credit: Chee Kong)

View of the top. (photo credit: Chee Kong)

No finisher medal or T-shirt, no ranking or position, but just a good "ais kacang" and "100 Plus"...

... with a cool gang of runners. (photo credit: Chee Kong)

About 21km but almost 2500ft elevation gain! Thanks Andrew (you know for what). Special thanks to Aung Moe (Alex) for the lead/support on mountain bike. I was flying in one of trail section. Absolutely love that feeling.

Thanks also to Chee Kong, Seow Kong, Chun How, Eu Jin, Chua (who did it BF all the way), Shannon & Eric. Superb company, excellent view, most enjoyable run!