Friday, August 19, 2011

Terry Fox Run Kuala Lumpur 2011

Please book your calendar for this good cause to raise fund for cancer research.

Terry Fox Run Kuala Lumpur 2011

Date: 13 November 2011 (Sunday)
Time: 9:00am
Venue: Padang Merbok

More details later.

Thanks for the support.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Run with BAREvME in Pacemakers Anniversary Run 7

Team BAREvME. (Photo credit to Kah Wai)

My third barefoot race and what a race it was. Running in a relay team, a barefoot team named BAREvME in Pacemakers Anniversary Run 7.

My team mates: Chuah Seih Seng (aka Rich Chai), Tan Wah Sing & Boey Yin Yin.

Initially the idea to form a team for PAR was started by Chuah. We (Chuah, Paul Liong, Tan Wah Sing & I) wanted to form a team. I guessed we all share the common running style, i.e. barefoot running and wanted to form an unique team. I am the most junior in term of barefoot running experience, still learning and not really a full-time barefoot runner yet. I considered the rest as 'masters' in barefoot running.

Paul has to pull out later due to family commitment. We needed a lady runner and we agreed she would be Boey Yin Yin. Yin has been running with VFF for some time now and would be a good fit for the team.

The aim for the team was to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Yin was a bit nervous and tension since she considered herself to be the "slow" runner. Well, we all didn't see it that way and just encouraged her to enjoy herself as the most important thing.

On race day, I think we all had great fun. We ran the race with no pressure, just ran the race and enjoyed ourselves. Yin was the first runner to go (ladies started first), and she did well for the first leg. The fastest pace that I had seen her run. Chuah took over in the second leg and he did superbly by overtook many runners.

I ran the third leg and managed to finish the lap in a surprising pace (found out later). I was recovering from bad cough and lack of training. I decided I would abandon all electronics gadgets (watch, GPS, HRM, MP3, handphone) that day and just ran with my heart & 'sole' to enjoy the run. This was the first time I'd ever did that and what a great feeling, with no worries about time, distance, pace, or position, I felt the real joy of running.

Anchor leg was by the famous barefoot runner, master Tan Wah Sing. I cannot call him 'sifu' because I don't know if he will accept me as an apprentice yet. So I call him 'master' lor.

Master Tan Wah Sing also recovering from sickness but he ran our fastest leg and finished in around Top 20 position. Master Tan is always cheerful and encouraging all runners.

After the race, we chatted with other runners and took photos. I thought our team was the most-photographed team that day.

We found out only much later we finished 12th among 64 competitive teams. It was a bonus and good surprise for the team.

I enjoyed the relay race very much and thanks to my wonderful team mates, Chuah, Tan Wah Sing and Boey Yin Yin, I felt the real joy of running.

It was a very well-organised race. I would also like to express my gratitude to the organiser and all the volunteers. You all did well to make this run a success.

Until the next race, do train hard and stay healthy.