Friday, December 24, 2010

Malakoff KL 12km 2010 - My race report

It was my second time running this Malakoff KL 12km. The route was near Pusat Sains Negara and Bukit Damansara, same as last year. It was a tough hilly route.

The route map:

The elevation map:
My wife joined me for this run just like last year. She was still recovering from PBIM2010 and not been running regularly. Although it was hilly, she did well last year.

Start/finish was in Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Club.

Parking was limited and we arrived around 6:00am, but the parking space in Securities Commissions was already filled up. So I have to squeeze in my small car near the edge of the parking some how.

I saw the Chuah family and had a chat and photo with them. The son was on VFF, the father was on barefoot.

Photo with Chuah and son. Courtesy from Chuah.

I met some friends at the starting line too. Said good luck to them and on to the flag off for the ladies first. Men's start was 10 minutes later.

Some other photos:

Climbing the steep hill near Securities Commission. Rare shot from Chuah showing me in front of Tan Wah Sing (he soon sayur me and I lost sight of him).

I was recovering from my 20km LSD done on Saturday. But still I could push a bit and find myself in front of Tan Wah Sing, Azlan and Kenny Tan for a brief moment. Then they sayur me kau-kau lat and I couldn't respond. I knew I have more work to do to even come close to pace with them.

At end of first lap, this was how I looked. A bit tired, but still good to maintain a sub-5 min/km pace.

Photo from Chuah, thanks for the support and hardwork.

On the same hill on the second lap, I was fighting for position with the two runners besides me.

Eventually, I conceded a position to the runner in blue vest but managed to stay in front of the runner in white vest.

Running downhill back to the finish line, I could push myself more to near sub-4 min/km pace. Really enjoyed the race and came back at 55:47 (gun time). Improvement of about 6 minutes from last year. Total distance covered 11.33km.

On home straight, heading back to Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Club. (Photo coutersy of Cham)

Then I waited for my wife to finish and she done well in 1 hour 34 minutes. We collected our goodies bag and headed home.

Until next run, do train hard and stay healthy.