Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Energizer Night Race 2012

Another late post. I am going through a very busy period, so not much time to do more race report or other posts.

Date: 21 Apr 2012
Venue: Sepang F1 Circuit
Time: 8:20pm
Category: 15.5km (GPS logged 15.7km)
Time: 1:15:57
Position: 6th
Prize for 6th placing: Yes if you consider the yellow tag above a prize ("Real Prizes" for Top 5 only)

I didn't registered for Full Marathon as I didn't have time to train enough. Fitness level also not very good. So I only entered in 15.5km. After the nightmare run last year, I did say before I would not come join again this year. But I thought ENR deserves a second chance. So I joined this year anyway.

I met many friends at Sepang F1 circuit. Good to see them at any event. I thought if not because of Bali Marathon on 22 Apr, the turnout should be more, especially for the regulars. A hot and humid night with a some breeze in the beginning of the race.

Finished the race in 1:15:57. Got a tag for 6th placing but then I didn't know what to do, as I never been to such situation. I asked around then a crew member asked me to go up to the "holding room" upstairs. So I went then only to be told, "Sorry, you are not supposed to be here. Only Top 5 got prizes. No prize for 6th position."

I felt so embarrassed then. Slowly, I made my way out of the room after congratulating some of the Top 5 winners (including Mark Williams, 2nd in Jr Veteran and Shun, a surprised 3rd placing in Senior Veteran category for him) there.

I was very tired then so I made my way back to my car and went home. Earlier before the race, I thought of staying after the race.

Overall, a well-organised event, much better than last year. Good work to the organiser and volunteers who cheered on the runners on the outer service road.

Some feedback for improvements:

1. Some runners from 15.5km after completing the outer service road loop, had to run half the service road again. Here, I bumped into many runners who just starting their first outer loop. It was very difficult to run on the smaller, narrower outer service road when so many runners were blocking my way. I thought the route should be designed to avoid such situation.

2. There should be a notice near the parking area to say that runners were only to allowed to exit from car park after 11pm. This was in the runners' guide but it should be repeated on signs and announcement during the event. Many runners were stucked before the exit and some impatient drivers sounded their car-horn.

3. Most areas on the outer service road are not properly lit up. For me running without shoes, I had to be extra careful.

4. Please make clear to the 6th placing runner if they are on stand-by or entitled to any prize if you hand them a placing tag at the finish line. :)