Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Terry Fox Run Kuala Lumpur 2013

Terry Fox Run KL is held every year for charity cause for cancer research. The beneficiary this year will be the Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF). CARIF is the first independent, non-profit cancer research organization in Malaysia.

Terry Fox Run KL 2013, which is a non-competitive family event, will be held on the 1st of December 2013. The. Funds will be raised principally by selling Terry Fox Run T-shirts and from cash donations. Each T-shirt is RM30.

The T-shirt design this year:

Sizes available:

Chest circumference in inches
2 (child)
4 (child)
3XS (child)
Please order by email to organizer@terryfoxrunkl.org
Thank you all for your support!

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2013

I dedicate this run to those who are affected by stroke. I was part of the team that did the fund raising campaign "Yes to Life after Stroke" for NASAM by running the SCKLM 2013. BIG THANKS to all supporters.

I didn't train well but managed to finish the full marathon barefooted in 3:36, my best result in SCKLM. Well organised event. Special thanks to all volunteers, photographers, supporters & special support station/crew at km36 by BwM, LYN & FMV. You guys were great!
I liked this photo from Running Malaysia. I was congratulating Chow Seng at the finish line. I passed him at 40km mark and encouraged him. He sprinted the last few km to finish just 2 seconds in front of me.

My results for SCKLM since 2009:

2009:4:40:08 (maiden Full Marathon)
2010 3:53:29
2011 3:49:31
2012 3:44:45
2013 3:36:20

River Jungle Marathon 2013.

The medal for RJM 2013 combined with the medal from Island Ocean Marathon 2013.
RJM is the 1st FM that I ran barefooted in 2011. So it was a special feeling for me to run this again this morning. I had a good & happy run, practically almost smiling all the way from 27km onwards (except when I stepped on sharp pebbles, ouch!).

The hill at ~11km mark was long (~4km each way) and winding but I liked it and ran it in one breath (exaggeration). Missed Raja Bukit, Daniel Tan when counquering "The curse of the serpent" hill. So I imagined him being my virtual partner on the dreaded hill to make it through. In 2011, he was hot on my heels and eventually passed me at foot of the hill.

The organiser provided durians & many other local fruits at ~23km. I didn't stop to eat because last night I already ate many durians to carbon-load.

Coconut water was sweet & refreshing. Yeah!

Happy to see so many friends on the way. Thanks to all that who called me out and cheered me. Sorry if I didn't recognise you in the dark. Thanks to all who acknowledged my friendly waves and "jia you".

Really good to see many barefoot/minimalist runners and friends. Proud of you guys!

I finished the last few hundred metres together with my dear Penang friends Andrew Loh, Shannon and Kho hand in hand, in 3:51. Met up with Scott at the finish line, who finished first this time. I knew him in 2011, when he ran it for the first time and finished third. Sorry I couldn't stay long to catch up with all friends.
Running towards the last km. (Photo by Aron Soo).

Saw Scott about 800m from finish. He had finished 20 minutes earlier. My Penang friends were30m in front of me then. (Photo by Aron Soo)
SPECIAL Thanks to James Wong, The Marathon Shop and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly organising the event and operating the aid stations, safety cars and taking photos this morning. You guys were awesome!

The reward for my run was a homemade lemon cheese cake by dear wife and then a decision to register for Comrades Marathon 2014.