Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the running continues...

I have been quiet lately. Too many things going on, and so I spent little or no time to write anything.

Back to running, currently I am running about 45-50km per week. Also I am more conscious about my running mechanics, i.e. the foot landing, the arm movement etc. It is like a re-learning to run all over again.

I didn't participate in recent runs because of clash of priorities. It is always family comes first for me. Even for my training, I need to ensure that I don't spend too much time until my spouse and children feel and complain about it.

I thought of increasing my weekly minimum mileage to about 60-70km (to improve my fitness/pace), but I think I will sacrifice too much time from sleep and family, not a good idea. I received not from one, but at least three people, a same email about a corporate CEO who ran marathons died young. It was allegedly due to lack of sleep.

Anyway, I am putting different things in my trainings, e.g. short interval training and strength training. Interval training is really a struggle for me. It is very tough for me for go through my short interval session. Sometimes, I feel the cramp and nausea after the interval training.

I am also having a slight intermittent heel pain on my right foot for 2-3 weeks now. Reason is still unknown, that makes it a bit frustrating. I just have to figure it out and see if it will heal soon.

My next run is on 14 Mar, the Bareno Run 15km. I hope I can be 100% by then.

Where is the hunting?

Since our team last win in the Open hunt, we have not had the opportunity to hunt again. Not that there were no hunts out there, but rather it was our own separate priorities that kept us occupied. Even for a simple lunch or coffee is also a challenge. I'm still conscious that we haven't celebrate our last success yet.

One of our team members is getting marry soon. And the company treasure hunt is coming up. He said he won't be able to make it. I guess it will be a scratch team this time. So I'm not setting any expectation for the coming closed hunt.

I mentioned earlier somewhere in my old posting that I wanted to write more about the last Open hunt. I did write something about it, but I just deleted the post somewhere somehow. I guessed I just didn't feel like it (to share). I didn't want to invoke an old topic/event and trigger more debate. One thing that I can express, is that we felt the booing (by certain people) that night when our team was on stage was inappropriate, even though we were not bothered by it.

Due to various reasons, I thought about quitting treasure hunt, just walk away, just that. In fact, this thought resurfaces every now and then. But the love for the sports still keep my interest going. I just hope I can still enjoy treasure hunt the way I want to. Just enjoy it, it is that simple.