Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Holiday in Cameron

I have been busy lately. But I'd planned a holiday with my family long ago. And it was a holiday that I looked forward to for a long long time.

We went to Cameron Highlands and stayed in an apartment during last weekend. It was our first time staying in such an accommodation in Cameron. It turned out to be a good choice as we could cook while it was raining every night we were there.

Ashley and Ashton enjoyed the outing as we visited tea farm, strawberry farm, butterfly garden, and cactus farm.

Anyway, apart from a good holiday with family, here are two photos to share:

Crystal Guava

Crystal Guava, the outer layer is a semi-transparent layer, inner core looks similar to that of a normal guava. The taste is sweet. I have yet to research more about this fruit.

Another one here, the first time I see a big pumpkin with my own eyes. This one must be over 10kg. It measures about 2 feet in diameter.

Big pumpkin


coffee said...

i actually thought the crystal guava is not a real thing ..

blaze said...

coffee, I can assure you it is not made of crystal. :-)

I think it is a new species, not sure it is genetically modified. But it is expensive now. RM5 each.

blaze said...

After careful checking of the crystal guava and some internet research, I have came to the conclusion that, the crystal guava is a processed guava.

1. It is always sold with skin peeled off.

2. It is packed in two in a plastic wrapper.

3. The thickness of the outer semi-transparent layer is irregular.

4. The sweetness is not uniform, the outer layer being sweeter. This is highly unusual, as normally the sweetness is at its highest level at the core of the fruit, not the outer layer.

So, I think it is normal guava soaked in sweetener and colouring. Exactly what was used, I will try to find out and update all.

Meanwhile, I will not buy again until I figured out what they used to process the guava.