Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Just been to our company's treasure hunt last weekend to Penang and now I am in New Delhi, India supporting a project here.

I have to freeze my leave and will spend at least 10 days including Christmas in India. I am already missing my family.

This is my first time in India and I am sure I will share some interesting photos and stories later. There are also some topics/ideas I wish to write about, but I have to wait until later.

Oh..yeah, in case you are curious about the hunt that I went last weekend, it had a Christmas theme "Jingle All the Way". And Dominic mentioned that because of the theme and the fact that we won theSun hunt, he had set a higher level of difficulty. I think some first-time hunters must be blaming us for the difficult hunt. Perhaps I can share some questions later. But first, teasers here:

Hopefully can get some of you thinking along the theme for the Charity Xmas Hunt on 29/12/08. I will not able to make it for this hunt although I wanted to earlier.

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