Saturday, October 17, 2009

A run in the rain and a run in the park

On Wednesday, it rained in the morning. I was again too tired to wake up for my morning training. When I did wake up at about 7:00am, I thought to myself I was glad that I slept a little bit more because I would not able to run in the rain (not drizzle) anyway.

Then I was driving to work on Old Klang Road when I noticed a runner running in the drizzle on opposite side of the road. When I got closer, I noticed it was Kenny Tan. He was fresh from his Borneo International Marathon where he set his personal best of 3:38:54. I guessed he could have run for some time already since he was all drenched. Then I thought to myself, boy, and I had excuse not to run.

That evening, I ran 8km in the gym.

On Thursday evening, I decided that I just have to run outdoor. Running on the machine was not motivating. I just had to go out there and run along with other people. I changed to my running outfit at 6:10pm and went down to KLCC Park to run. It was my first time running in that route. I didn't meet any runner that I know, but it was good to see people running around me.

My 5 laps time: 6:18/6:38/6:28/6:35/6:21

Total time: 32 mins 21 secs

Total distance: 1.3kmx5=6.5km

That night, I worked at home until 5:00am.

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