Sunday, March 21, 2010

Energizer Night Race 2010 - Race Kit Collection

The adidas Response running vest, bib number, safety pins, and Energizer LED head light (only given to full marathon runners on collection day, I got this for my friends who will run in full).

The reverse side of the running vest, the disposable D-TAG timing chip (orange colour) glued to the reverse side of the bib. Instruction leaflet for the timing chip below.

I went to collect my race kit this morning in Melia Hotel for the next Saturday Energizer Night Race 2010.

I registered for Half-Marathon event and not the full. I figured I would not able to train enough to run a good Full Marathon race in the evening.

Anyway, in the race kit collection today I saw many runners queuing up already when I arrived there at around 11:20am. The counters with most number of people were the 10km and 21km. The 42km and the relay event seemed to draw less number of runners.

The race kit contains an adidas running vest, bib personalised with runner's name, D-TAG disposable timing chip with clip & instruction, safety pins. Also got two meal discount (20%) vouchers from Cyberview Lodge. The Energizer LED head light is only issued out to the full marathon runners due to early starting time (at 6:00pm). Other runners will receive their head light on race day.

My two runner friends who asked me to collect their race kits on the behalf, are still uncertain to be able to make it to the starting point due to injury to the knees. This type of injury is really a dreaded condition for the runners. I hope they will recover soon and be able to run freely again.

Can you spot PM1 and Eugene?

Also, I met many runner friends today. I saw Ronnie, Eugene, Christopher, Lawrence, Carrie & fiance, Lionel, Mr Yong etc. All seemed so kan cheong to collect their race kit on day one of the collection. Rightly so, because one of the sizes (M) of the men running vest was gone within the first hour!

I thought I saw Michael Pang also. I wanted to say hi but couldn't see him after I collected my race kit.

More details of the event can be found here. Information about the event programme, race routes, transportation, etc is available. Every runner should read it. Good luck!


mhspeng said...

omg.. the vest size will run out?

blaze said...

Hi mhspeng,

M size for men ran out when I was there. M is the smallest size for men. others sizes are still available: L, XL, XXL.

Hopefully it was only ran out for the day.

Michael said...


park illegally so had to rush off after collecting.

i'm so out-of-shape that XL is tight for me!!! hahaha.

blaze said...

The smallest size for men is M. And I took L, and it turned out to be quite fitting for me. So the cutting is smaller.

Are you running in 21km or 10km? See u on race night.

Michael said...

10km. and like our Lotus F1, I'm just hoping to finish!!

see you there

andrew said...

Bro, I wanted to join the race but I was too late to register. Any idea how I can join the race? Im goin for the 10km.

blaze said...


The registration is closed. I can suggest you look around and ask anyone registered for 10km but want to withdraw. Then you can get his bib to run.

From my side, I don't know anyone who is withdrawing from 10km.

dannie chOOng said...

Carrie & fiance ??? :)) muahahaha... this Carrie fiance name is Dannie Choong... and he hope to officially intro himself to u one day on the "road" !!! keep on running...

blaze said...

Hi Dannie, sorry didn't get your name earlier. Yes, please say hi when we meet one day. :)