Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Pain No Gain?

Timing chip on my Adidas Adizero running shoes. This photo was taken just before I left home on Sunday to Padang Merbok for the Mizuno 10K run.

They say, "No pain, no gain." That is true for me from the Mizuno Wave Run last Sunday. I am recovering from cramped calves and strained knees (pain). I finished the race within target and got a medal (gain). But come to think of it, I could have avoided the pain (and still gained) if I:

1. Run/practise more on tar road and uphill course, adapt to the heat.

2. Prepare myself early, e.g. start my training at least 8 weeks before the race. I would have build up my stamina and leg muscles more.

3. Warm down longer and don't stop abruptly. I have to say was partly due to the fact that (most of) the runners (including me) were required to queue before the finish station. I lost maybe a few minutes there (added to my final time), and it was not a good way/time to warm down standing in queue, knowing I have not officially completed the race! By the time I went through the queue and the collected goodies bag, the damage was already done.

4. Get those Powerbar or Powergel, like I saw some experienced runners got/took. Those things I heard are like "legal dope", that you can take and it gives you extra energy during the race. Basically it is like snack with high sugar or carbohydrate content for your body to convert into energy quickly in the anaerobic metabolism process.

5. Wear knee support. Aiya...let me remind myself, I am not 18 year-old or 28 year-old anymore, ok...

By the way, I have to pay tribute to my friend BP, who injured his toe one day earlier and still managed to complete the race in about 70 minutes. He was basically putting most of his body weight on one leg to run.

WW also did a good job by completing the race earlier than BP. He also had not done a full 10km before. But still come through the home stretch confidently. The cycling tours that he has been doing made him a tough man. He is probably the one who suffered the least among us.

James breezed through the race, but I have no recollection of his time coming in. But I know he didn't trained for this as well.

Janice, a girl possessed, finished 10km within 60 minutes (?), and I didn't even notice she passed me. Really, fitness and youth are both assets. She was the fastest in our group, 150+ in Women Open category. Bravo!

I may run again soon in the coming IOI community run. It is just a 7.3km course but it is hilly. My participation will depend on my recovery rate. Haha...


coffee said...

I am slow, that was not able to suffer more although it was intended

Cheong Tatt said...

Well done Well done. I ran with coffee for 2km every morning at cameron highlands. I have to purposely ran at the back so that I can stopped few times. How come my 28 seemed to pass me earlier than the rest :)

Darth Vader said... and liverpool also got blogspot! =)