Sunday, October 12, 2008

10 reasons why I love Treasure Hunt

I thought of this posting many weeks already. With theSun Motor Hunt coming up, I guess the timing is right to declare my love openly for the sport.

My first experience with treasure hunt was in year 1999. Then came a few years of idleness. I started joining actively again in 2004. I've been quite active in closed hunts and not-as-active in open hunts. I've managed to win some closed hunts, but not open hunt, at least not yet.

Why I am passionate about treasure hunt (in Malaysia)? Well, I can share my list of reasons with you here:

1. It's fun. Treasure hunt is a team sport. It involves using your problem-solving skills, working with people, performing the challenges and competing with other teams. Putting all these elements together, we have a fun experience.

2. I meet new friends. Joining the treasure hunt community, I can meet many new friends who share the same interest and passion.

3. I go to new places. Some outstation hunts can take you to places you never been to. For example, I never been into Johor all my life. But for a hunt this year, it takes me to Desaru for my first visit to Johor. There are also opportunities for hunters to get to know new makan place as the tulips may take them to new territories.

4. I win prizes. Normally treasure hunt prizes are in the form of cash, electrical products, hampers, holiday/shopping vouchers etc. For a few hours of good work, it can be very rewarding. I remember my top winning was RM3200 worth of shopping vouchers per team, that was RM800 for each share. There may be also lucky draws in some bigger hunts for everyone to stand a chance to bring home something.

5. I can go for holiday on treasure hunt. Now the outstation hunt destinations are mainly interesting places like Melaka, Penang, Lumut etc. which are of tourist's interest as well. If I didn't win, I can still relax and enjoy the good scenery of the beaches or the special local foods.

6. It helps me to see things differently and solve problems. Lateral thinking is an important element of treasure hunt. Almost all questions are designed to trick hunters who believe the literal/obvious meaning. If you believe the surface meaning of the question, then you could never get the answer. You can get so stuck in it, and the only way out is to think out-of-the-box.

7. It's about teamwork. You'll never hunt alone in a treasure hunt. There is teamwork at play here. We need good team members and synergy to maximize the potential and result. Working in a team to achieve a common goal is definitely better than doing it alone. Because it is not only in treasure hunt, in daily life, we need to work in team too.

8. It improves my English. It certainly helps to remind me that my English is not that great and this is sure a good way to improve it. In fact, I am starting to teach Ashley anagram now. She has joined me in some family hunts before. I believe this will generate interest and improve her command of the language as well.

9. It provides opportunity for me to know about new products/services. Some treasure hunts are part of marketing campaign for public to get to know new products/services in the market. Normally, there are kind companies to sponsor the hunts. Samples of products are distributed as goodies to the hunters. There is no obligation for the hunters to buy. But it sure gives the hunters good opportunity to test out the products before deciding if it is good to have/buy. Too add to that, most sponsors will sponsor their products as prizes.

10. Everyone can hunt regardless of age, race, religion etc. There is no restriction on who can hunt. There maybe parental consent needed for those that are under 18, but I don't think any other restriction applied. All people from all background are welcomed to the treasure hunting sport and community. This is where we can meet and interact with each other.

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