Sunday, November 09, 2008

IOI Community Run 2008

With my running buddy and friend, BP at the finish line.

This morning I went to my first IOI community run in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

The route was within Bandar Puteri and it was hilly, but not as hilly as the route of Mizuno Wave Run. This was only my second road race. I finished the 7.3km race in 45 minutes, better than my target. I set a modest target of 50 minutes due to insufficient training.

The event was more like a community event (than a pro race) to the people in Puchong. Therefore I was surprised to see some African runners in it! Other activities held at the same time were Street Ball and Futsal challenge.

This time there was no timing chip used and the medals were awarded only to the top 20 of each category. I didn't finish in the top 20, so I could only manage a certificate of completion.

I felt that the event was badly organised. The run itself was delayed for 15 minutes and the crowd and traffic control was not good. Good thing about the run was, we didn't need to line up to cross the finish line.

This time I didn't suffer (as bad) like in my first run. I managed to improve my pace, but it was challenging. I was running over my anaerobic threshold over the last 2 km, meaning I was pushing hard until I was almost out of breath.

My running buddies, BP, Janice and James done well too. They came in about 48-52 mintues. Janice got 22th placing in the Women Open Category and just missed out on medal by just 2 placings. Good run!

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