Sunday, November 09, 2008

UM EE 96 mini gathering

It started as finding ex-classmates on Facebook, then came the idea of meeting up face-to-face after 12 years since we graduated.

We have our gathering of the class of UM EE 96 on 8 Nov 2008 in 100 degrees Steamboat Teppanyaki and BBQ restaurant. The restaurant is located in NZX commercial area in Ara Damansara.

Most of the guys I haven't seen for a long time. Some of them since we graduated. There are a few of the guys came from Singapore just for this.

I was the one who organised the event. Firstly I need to get the contact number and email address of our ex-classmates, which was a challenge. Of course the date and time was something that not easy to get consensus too.

In the end, only 12 people attended. Not too bad, considering we have guys came from outside of KL. The others that couldn't attend were based in Penang, Ipoh, US and UK now.

When we looked at the gang after these years, most of us were showing signs of aging. Apart from that, we looked and dressed like the same bunch of undergraduates going for lectures.

We have a good meal and chatted over drinks after that. Everyone talked about their working and family lives. Some talked about investment and joked a lot about other stuffs.

It was a real good feeling to catch up with my ex-classmates after 12 years. Everyone has been busy with their own lives that we didn't even make efforts to meet for a reunion. I hope the next time we meet will not be another 12 years.

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