Monday, November 03, 2008

It's special

Team Lanun Inc. - theSun Motor Hunt 2008 Champions for Open Category.

It's special.

Our team's first ever open win.

On my birthday.

We have been working hard for a win.

We have a win, finally.

I'm very proud of my team mates, Raj, Sath and Doug. You guys really believed we could do it and gave 100% efforts with no regrets. You guys were great.

We can improve further from here. If better is possible, good is not enough. And we are still learning this beautiful sport of treasure hunt.


Venka said...

I think you got your best birthday gift so far. Well Done. Your team are the best on that day. Your team only made 2 mistakes. This clearly indicates you are the rightful winner.

blaze said...

It's certainly a special gift. Actually, immediately after the leg 2 submission, i wasn't sure we have done enough. There were so many strong teams out there.

We were surprised to be called on stage that night.