Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pacesetters Breakfast Run 16 August 2009

After my long run 18km yesterday, I was feeling tired and not sure I could make it for the Pacesetters Breakfast Run today. Anyway, I decided to do a double hill 10km and shoot some photos afterward.

I was running alone this morning because my running kaki were not available. They got their own plans already.

I saw PM1 and his friends were starting their 20km run. So I thought I might as well follow them for the first few kms. Soon I was huffing and puffing trying to stay in pace with PM1. He and his friend were chatting along. I guessed it was their "comfort pace".

At about 5.15km, I made a turn to the second hill while PM1 continued his LSD (Long Slow Distance) heading towards Jalan Duta and Sri Hartamas.

Eventually I finished my 10.69km run in 1 hour and 1 minute. It was my fourth runs in four days.

I quickly changed and took out my DSLR. I could see the Pacesetters were getting ready to serve the runners with hot drinks and snacks.

Getting the food and drink ready for the runners.

Mr. Wan Yew Leong was preparing his teh tarik. I tried one cup. It was good. See him in action here:

Mr. Wan showing his skill in making teh tarik.

Mr. Chan and some fellow Pacesetters were preparing the snacks.

Among the snacks and drinks available were: teh tarik, red bean tong sui, fu chuk tong sui, watermelon, banana, sandwich, hard-boiled eggs, and cakes.

See the runners helping themselves here.

Milo Ais Satu! was there too.

So was ultramarathoner, Mr. Tey (not facing camera here).

The President of Pacesetters, Mr. Rustam was seen registering runners himself for the Mizuno Wave Run 2009.

I saw PM1 giving out the running bibs and vests for the Pacemakers 5th Anniversary Team Relay Run. I quickly collected and then headed home.

More photos available in my Multiply site. Please add me as contact to view.

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