Friday, September 26, 2008

The 5th Role

For completeness, I need to highlight the 5th role in a treasure hunt team.

The 5th role is the pivotal role of the captain/leader. The captain’s tasks start before the hunts, continue during and after the hunt.

The captain can assume any role (driver, navigator, passenger 1 or 2) during the hunt. Of course he must first work with team members to agree on the role most appropriate for all.

Role: Captain/Leader

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Organise team. To get the team members. To enroll team. Getting logistic arrangement (who provide car, food, dictionary etc.) sorted before hunt. Assign role to team members.

2. Moderator. Often during the hunts, there will be arguments or disagreements. The captain has to make sure it will not go overboard. The captain has to make decision based on the already-agreed method to resolve differences.

3. Motivator. There will be times that the team members will be discouraged during the hunt. This can be caused by reasons such as inability to get the answers/treasures, behind on time etc. The captain has to lift the team up and if possible, bring the fun factor back to the car.

4. Financial controller. The will be expenses incurred by the team in a motor hunt. The captain has to seek agreement first from team members on what cost needs to be share and how to share it. Then he/she has to keep track of expenses, and who had paid for it. In the end, the captain has to work out, the share of the cost to be borne by each member. If the team performs well, there will be rewards/prizes/winnings to share as well.

Attributes to look for:
Good leadership skill, good financial-keeping, calm under pressure, good people skills, resourceful.

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