Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yoga, some like it hot

It is public holiday in Selangor today, but I work in KL. To have a day off, I need to use my annual leave. So I did.

The day started with my darling and I went to try out the Hot Yoga session in True Yoga. Well, I am a beginner in Yoga, just started to learn in July. I have promised myself that I will learn something new every year. Yoga is one of the new things so far. (I may talk about my other new learning in my later blogs).

The special thing about this Hot Yoga is that the class is conducted in a room that is heated to 40 degrees Celsius. What Hot Yoga claims are many benefits, including better flexibility, reduces stress, helps to improve many conditions due to illnesses etc.

The instructor was a guy from India, he has a very strong Indian accent. I have difficulties understanding what he said in the beginning, but slowly catch on later.

The class was quite full with many people from all ages. It was nice to see many people in a class. It really motivates you.

I have been attending regular class in my gym. I was trying out this class to "sample" it.

Anyway, the class was not too tough, but I still have some balancing and flexibility issues. The instructor even come to my aid and literally "bend" me with one foot on my buttock while holding my up-stretched arms. (Sorry no illustration available). I guess I need practice, a lot of practice to improve.

In the end of the class, I sweat a lot. My T-shirt was really soaking wet and my darling told me that I really "smell" like a man. :-)

Maybe I will go try it out again later. Hope to post some photos later. Stay tuned.

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