Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Utama Walk Hunt Question - Che?

Q4. Recall the words spoken between a man and a woman.

Answer: Guy Laroche

This question caught me early as I suffered from mental block at the beginning of the walk hunt (like in most hunts).

Keywords here are "recall" and "between". Looking at "recall", the question directs us to look for a word that means something if read backward. The word "spoken" can mean verbal, oral etc.

In the word Laroche, there is laro. If read backward, we have oral. Then this word is in between Guy and che. There you have it, the answer intended: Guy Laroche.

But if you check carefully, che (in Malay or English) does not mean woman. Che sounds like cik, which can be used as salutation of a (unmarried) woman (or even a man/woman that you don't know well) according to Kamus Dewan.

So technically, che doesn not mean a woman or anything that relates to a woman. If it is intended to be a sounds-like clue, there is no sounds-like indicator in the question. So what do you do? Under normal circumstances you will choose this answer anyway, hoping the CoC has equated che with cik.

This kind of adaptation (select best answer based on a technically wrong question) is one of the skills that hunters should have. Probably it has been accepted that not all questions are perfect.

For this question I didn't got the answer right. Spank, spank, spank.

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