Monday, September 22, 2008

Neighbourhood Fun with theSun Walk Hunt - One Utama

theSun has been a strong supporter and sponsor for the treasure hunt sports in Malaysia. Every year, theSun organises theSun Motor Hunt and some consider it to be one of the biggest hunts of the year. theSun also organises smaller walk hunt event in its Neighbourhood Fun with theSun.

On 20 Sept 2008 (Saturday), Neighbourhood Fun with theSun moves to One Utama. This hunt is not open for the Masters. It was more for the family and casual/novice hunters. I enrolled in the hunt with family as the registration was free of charge. Well, it was a free tuition/warm-up for the biggy (theSun Motor Hunt) to come. Why not? In total, there are 70+ teams participating. Noticably, the winner of the Discover Smiles Treasure Hunt with his gang were there.

This hunt is a medium-difficulty hunt, i.e. not too hard, but not too easy. Good mix of questions with anagram, container, replacement, and observation. Only one treasure question is a bit vague and some consider it hard. I may post my comments on the questions later. But let's see the result here (full point 60 points):

1. Team # 47 (Song Eu Jin, Joanne Tan Lin Chao, Lenny Wan and Tan Tean Poay) scoring 54 points
2. Team # 48 (Teoh Seok May, Hong Jing Hann and Hong Jing Qi) scoring 51 points
3. Team # 35 (Edwin Ong, Lee Kin Fui, Siow Choo Yan and Goh Chiou Yuh) scoring 47 points
4. Team # 37 (CP Tan, AK Tan, Ashley Tan, CH Tan) scoring 47 points
5. Team # ?? scoring 46 points

Our team was position 4. Tie with 3rd place with 47 points, but lost out because coming in later. THe champion walked away with RM500 cash, RM100 SUSHIGROOVE voucher and lots of 7-up Revive. 2nd place got RM300 cash plus the rest (the same with champion), 3rd place RM200. 4th place to 15th place received RM100 plus other goodies.

I was satisfied overall with result from this hunt. Due to the fact that my family is not my usual team mates in open hunts. Basically, I have to do almost all the cracking of the questions. This was quite a stressful situation when I have to break the clues and at the same time, teach my team mates to break clues and spot the answers. Overall, I felt it was a good hunt since my team mates (family members) have only hunted about 5 times.

Hopefully, I can train my darling and my daughter more, so that we can be a stronger team to challenge the CoCs (note that I am not talking about challenging the regulars or masters). Watch out!

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