Sunday, June 07, 2009

Weekend long run before vacation

I went for a long 30 km long run on Saturday. The route was from Bukit Aman to Seri Hartamas with extra loops here & there.

This time I didn't call BP as he is still having knee problem. Hope he can recover soon.

I was with Lam this time. He was taking it easy. I managed to complete the 30 km in slightly less than 3.5 hours.

Photo above was taken near Kompleks Kerajaan. Beautiful sky when breaking dawn, taken during brief pit-stop for water.

This time the 30 km was not as difficult as my previous ones. My average heart rate was below 80% for almost the entire run. This was a good sign.

Today, I will take a break and go on a vacation with my family. This is a long-awaited break. I will take this chance to recharge. I am still packing my running shoes. :-)

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