Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breaking the barrier

It has been really hard training alone. Today even more so.

I started late at 6:11am. Normally I will start my long run at about 5:30am. I was snoozing for extra 30 minutes after turning off the morning alarm.

I followed the specific trail in Taman Bukit Jalil that was about 4km per lap. It was not around the perimeter of the park, but a combination of trails around the park. The longest run I did here was about 30km, that was 7.5 laps a week ago.

Today I managed to make a breakthrough, not a major improvement, but I managed to finish 8 laps for a total about 32km. It was not an easy run today. The sun was in my face from 8am onwards and I finished my run at around 9:45am. The last few kilometres were difficult. The trail in Taman Bukit Jalil consists of a few steep hills. After running for 3 hours, the steep hills looked like a mountain, not easy at all.

I finished my Gatorade, then a sachet of Powergel and I have to stop quickly to buy more water near the gate of the park. Overall I felt really tired and lost a lot of fluid because of the heat. This could be the condition on race day. I got to be prepared for the heat.

This week is a 60km week. Overall this month's mileage is about 230km. Not sure this is enough, but I will try to maintain this mileage at least for another week. I will target a long run next weekend as well. Meanwhile, more cross-trainings too.

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