Sunday, May 03, 2009

More information on Bidor Half Marathon 2009

"I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky..."

-There were 3km-, 10km- and 21km-run categories.

-Runners were required to register prior of the race by dropping their reporting card at the Dewan and were handed with a colour band.

-There were water stations at about every 5km mark, serving water in Styrofoam cup. At 15km mark, cold carbonated isotonic drink was also served.

-There were foreign runners from Japan, US, Africa etc.

-The 5km U-turn mark was at an Indian temple.

-No timing chip was used.

-Runners finished their race by going through a designated finishing lane according to their categories.

-Runners were handed a card that stated their placing in the category. This card would then be exchanged for the finisher medal and certificate.

-I could see many young runners taking part in the 3km and 10km runs. Also some families taking part.

-My average heart rate was 162 bpm (~86% of max) and peaked at 172 bpm. This heart rate couldn't be sustained if I ran for the full. So the important aspect of the training is to control the pace and thus the heart rate to make it more sustainable for the full 42km.

-Total calories I've burnt for the 21.8km race was 1690 kcal.

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